The joy of being sure
The fastest way to access your critical datapoints.

What is DataTip?

DataTip is an interface designed to be the fastest & least painful way to your access your critical datapoints.

Mobile-first and optimized for the instant access, DataTip will change the way you remember, store & retrieve information.

How can DataTip make me awesome?

Technology is for efficiency: that datapoint is on the tip of my tongue has a complete new interpretation in our instant information age.

There are so many apps to store information: Evernote, Contacts or event notepads - and advanced dashboards systems: Tableau, Data Studio - but many times, we just need quick, immediate access to some information and we wish there was one way to get to it, at speed of light. We don't need all the details, just the major datapoint.

Too lazy to look that up, never again. By creating a habit of logging your information on DataTip and in just seconds pulling out your phone to access it, can really change your perspective of what valuable data is.
At work meetings. Change your company's future. In a heated discussion, we will not stop to validate a critical metric that could change the decision.

Our Mission

We're on a mission to create the fastest way to access your critical datapoints.

We are thinking about everything, from the first step of knowing where to look for your data, all the way on creating the most smoothlined interface to query and view the data. And we want to share the joy of getting that information.


Digital - important datapoints about digital media

Company Info - datapoints from a startup

How to Create your DataTip

Create your own DataTip in 3 easy steps:

  1. Create a DataTip account.

  2. Create your DataTip and insert your datapoints. You can manually input your datapoints or use a Google Sheets integration (or both!).

  3. Install our bookmarklet and immediately add DataTips from your browser (see below).

Save DataPaints While You are Browsing

Install our Bookmarklet:

← drag this link to bookmarks bar
While on your notebook/desktop, save our bookmarklet that allows you to easily store new datapoints.
Select text and click bookmark:

Any time you see a valuable datapoint want to save, simply select the value and description and click on the DataTip bookmark you just installed.


  • It'
    In just 10 seconds take a picture and save a datapoint that takes a fraction of this time to lookup. Be smarter by saving & retrieving important data.

  • Save to Homescreen.
    By saving a specific datatip to your smartphone homescreen - you can immediately access datapoints by clicking on its icon.

  • Intelligent gestures.
    On your datatip screen, simply click anywhere to open the search box or swipe/shake your phone to list all datapoints for that tip.

  • Automatic removal of stale info.
    Don't worry about accessing stale data - control how long a datapoint is valid on input and DataTip will automatically expire this info after it's due date.

Use Cases

  Company Metrics  

Updated information about your company's financials and growth metrics to be easily accessed in meetings.

  Bookmarks v2  

Articles or links you commonly reference, available immediately and easily shared.

  Personal Information  

Stuff you just can't remember, and never know where it's stored (ex: mileage programs, recipes).


Easily access info about your trip such as room number, hotel address, wifi password.

  Reports & Presentations  

Important work report links and presentations - documents you access frequently.

  Pins & Passwords  

In a private datatip, store more sensitive information that sometimes you can't seem to remember.

Questions & Answers

DataTip is absolutely free. This project was born from a very personal need, hopefully it can help you too.
In our backlog. But if you want to add/update information automatically via API, you can do this via the Google Sheets.
Google Sheets updates exported data every 60 seconds, wait a minute and see if the information has refreshed.
Continuosly working in making DataTip the fastest way to extract critical information. Also working on making it easier to import datapoints. We're always open to suggestions.
Currently supported formats are numbers, text, images, tweets and chart visualizations.