Google Sheets Integration

DataTip supports two types of spreadsheets:

  • Simple sheet TEMPLATE that supports single datapoints, used for personal datapoints;
  • Time-series sheet TEMPLATE supporting upto 14 months of data, used for company data across time.

To use Google Sheets with your Dataip, please follow these directions:

  1. Select which type of spreadsheet you will be using and click on the template link above. On this sheet, from the File menu, select the option Make a copy... Feel free to change the name of the Sheet, but do not change the first row.

  2. On your copied Google Sheet, add your datapoints. For the simple sheets, columns A & B are mandatory, and columns C & D are optional. For the time-series sheet, the B1 cell defines the default graph type - accepted values are: line, bar & pie. Do notice the limit of 14 maximum time columns for the time-series sheet. You can also link to dynamic values in other Google Sheets.

  3. Export your Google Sheet to CSV Format. From the File menu, select the option Publish to the web...

    Make sure you select the Comma-separated values(.csv) format, and under the Published content & settings check the Automatic republish when changes are made.

    After you have published to the web in CSV format, copy the provided link.

  4. Create your DataTip, and in the Google Sheets Shared CSV Link option, paste the URL you copied from step 3. All set!

Do note that Google Sheets takes upto a minute to update the exported CSV. Thus, after a minute, the DataTip should contain the recently updated information.